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Paradigm is a registered training provider under the RIAI CPD links and Engineers Ireland CPD programmes.

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Revit Architecture Professional


The aim of the Autodesk Revit Architecture Professional course is to teach delegates the principles of Building Information Modelling through producing complete 3D architectural project models and the skills required for parametric building design and documentation.


Course Outline

  • Introducing Revit as a BIM Tool

Level 2 BIM & Revit

Impact of PAS 1192 on Revit


  • UI Tour, Project Navigation and View Creation

Introducing the menu and screen layout

Establishing a Project

  • UK Content Templates & Libraries

  • Project Units

  • Building Position & Orientation

  • Notion of Model Separation

The Project Browser Organisation – Know your Views & Sheets

Interrogating the model to extract views

  • Plans

  • Sections and elevations

  • Callouts and drafting views

  • 3D isometrics, perspectives

Placement and Properties of Grids and Levels


  • Element Selection and Manipulation

Object Selection Methods
Nodes and Snaps

Revit Hierarchy – System v Component v InPlace Families

Element properties – Type v Instance


  • Visibility & Graphic Control

Project-Wide Control Settings
View Specific Overrides
Element Specific Overrides
View Templates




  • Walls

Drawing Walls

Modifying Walls – Temporary Dims, Controls, Joins

Editing Tools – Trim, Split, Align, Mirror etc.

Editing Wall Shapes


  • Basic Curtain Walls

Fundamental principles and sub-element identification
Working with Curtain Wall Panels


  • Floors, Roofs and Ceilings

Sketching rules
Relating slabs to walls and supporting framework
Controlling slopes
Roof Design – Footprint or Extruded

  • System Family Editing

Principles Model Development Methodology
Material Layer Function & Wrapping
Sharing System Families

Edit a Wall System Family


  • Stairs Ramps and Railings

Stair by component and by sketch
Hosted and standalone railings



  • Window, Door and Component Use

Family terminology
Component placement
Element hosting

The Family Editor – The Basics





  • Site Design

Creating Toposurfaces

Site Components – Planting etc.
Building Pads

Site Model & Building Model Link – The Shared Position



  • Worksharing

Concept of Multiple Users – One Model

Using Worksets & permissions

Detach Model from Central File


  • Linking Models

Linking Revit and CAD Files
Monitoring and Coordinating Linked Project


  • Phasing

Introduction to Phasing


  • Massing Tools and the Building Maker
    Introduction to In-place massing
    Mass Floor Areas


  • Room Data and Colour-Fill

Room definition and boundary elements
Tagging and meta-data
Room area and volume
Colour schemes and legends


  • 2D Drafting and Annotation

Introducing annotation tools and component categories
Detail component libraries
Repeating details
Lines and arcs
Dimensions, text, Tags and keynotes


  • Schedules and Legends

Generation of tabular interrogations of the model

Schedule Filtering, Grouping, Calcs

Legends - A Symbolic Table


  • Sheet Compilation and Publication

Creating and populating sheets
Titleblocks & Parameters
Printing and Publishing


  • Autodesk Certified Exam

Autodesk Revit Architecture Professional    Exam


No previous CAD experience is required. Users with an Architecture or Engineering qualification or equivalent experience is recommended.


Materials Provided

Autodesk Official Training Manual - Revit Architecture 2017 Essentials Book

Paradigm E-Learning Modules – Video Tutorial with step-by-step handout

Weekly Knowledge Check/Quiz

Included - Revit Architecture Professional Exam


The course will also help students prepare for the Autodesk Revit Architecture Professional Certification Exam (takes place on final afternoon)